StateSet ReSponse CX

Quality, Personalized 24/7 Automated CX Responses and Actions at a fraction of the cost

Autonomous Agents to drive your DTC CX outcomes

A better customer experience

Stateset Response CX is a conversational AI platform that helps you deliver a better customer experience by providing instant, personalized responses to customer inquiries. It uses the latest in AI technology to understand and respond to customer inquiries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex tasks.

Generative Question-Answering (GQA) based on OpenAI GPT4
Answer questions about your business, products, and customers. Ask anything and get an answer in seconds.
Integrated with Gorgias for Auto Responding to Tickets Description
Automatically respond to tickets with the most relevant information.
Function Calling for Order and Subscription Changes in Shopify
Automatically change orders and subscriptions in Shopify based on customer requests.
Pinecone vector based retrieval of semantically relevant information
Find the most relevant information from your knowledge base.
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Response is built on cutting edge AI technology powered by GPT4

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